Super Crafty Storage

In a surprisingly short amount of time I seem to have amassed a fairly large collection of card making materials! Space in my house is at a premium and so my craft stuff was just left sat on the lounge floor – which was definitely not the best place for it (especially as it took me about half an hour to find the crafty bits and pieces I was looking for! ). So I set about looking for a crafty storage solution.

While browsing the storage section of Hobbycraft website I spotted a storage tower made by the company who produce the colourful  Really Useful Boxes. The tower contained 11 7 litre drawers and was quite tall and not overly wide (which was excellent as I only had a tight space to fit my storage solution in to).  It was also on sale – making it seem even more perfect but alas it had been snapped up by other crafty people who had spotted the bargain and so was out of stock.

A quick Google took me to the Really Useful Company’s website where I was super pleased to find that the storage towers were available to buy. Interestingly a blurb on their website explains that the towers were created after they received requests for a tower product from crafters – nice to find a company that listens to people! I also found on their website that as well as offering storage towers with draws (draw capacity 7 , 12 or 25 litre)  they had storage towers that could hold their Really Useful Box range (box capacity 4 , 9 or 19 litre). This caused a dilemma – would draws or boxes be better!?

Although the draw towers are cheaper than the box towers and have more capacity I decided that the boxes would suit me the best. This is because I have to keep the tower in my bedroom but actually do my card making in my dining room – boxes would be much more portable.  That decided I then had to choose which box storage tower to purchase – there are several different options. However, none of the options quite fitted my needs (after thinking about what I needed to store I’d decided that I needed a couple of 9 litre boxes and 7 4 litre boxes). But then breakthrough – I discovered that the company have an option which allows you to build your own storage tower.

First you choose the type of top you want (flat or with stationary storage), the boxes/draws you want (I think you can even have a combination of draws and boxes),  and then add any accessories you may want (castors, stationary insert and hobby insert are offered). You can also choose the colour of your boxes (I went for transparent purple) and the colour of your frame (I went for black). Since I ordered my tower the company have added an interactive 3D tool which makes ordering even easier e.g. the frame sections are now added automatically to your order and correspond with the number of boxes/drawers you are ordering (when I ordered mine I was worried that I hadn’t ordered enough frame sections!). Also, if you already have Really Useful Boxes you are able to just order the frame sections and slot your existing boxes into it. Once you’ve ‘built’ your tower it’s just a case of checking out and waiting eagerly for your it to be delivered.

The website states that if items are in stock, and your order comes to less than £250 then it should be with you within 3 working days. Delivery is my only tiny niggle – my order was delivered 6 working days after I placed my order, which wasn’t a problem, it would have been nice to receive a estimated delivery date. Once your order is dispatched you receive a email with a tracking code (mine was sent through UKMail). Because I was at work on the day of delivery I was able to request that UKMail leave the delivery in a safe place – I just had to sign a piece of paper and leave it out for the delivery driver giving them permission to do so. Be warned though the delivery boxes are fairly big!

Once it was delivered it was just a case of assembling the frame  (which fits together really easily) and slotting in the boxes and then I was ready to get organised! And I’m pleased to say that my collection of materials fits nicely into the tower (at the moment anyway!)

Here are a couple of pictures of my storage tower (sorry not the best quality camera):

Storage tower front and side

Thanks for reading!

Lucy xXx


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