Folding butterflies

The other day I bought several card crafting magazines (I only intended to buy one but was overwhelmed with choice!) Anyway one of the features that caught my eye as a ‘must try’ was a step-by-step guide to teabag folding.

The butterfly creation was my favourite (I’m a sucker for anything with butterflies on it) and to my delight I found it wasn’t too difficult to achieve. Inspired, I then turned to my trusty friend Google to further investigate paper folding techniques.

Of all the information I found my favourite has to be the step-by-step guide posted by Julia Aston on her ‘Create With Me’ blog. Sometimes I find I get lost with step-by-step guides but this one is really easy to follow, especially as there are photos for each step (so thank you Julia).

Of course I had to put my findings into practice and do some card making (using paper that was a free gift with one of the magazines). Here are the results:

Butterfly Card

Bright Butterflies

Pretty Butterflies

Thank you for reading!
Lucy xXx


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